The IOTC is an independent educational outreach to present the real view – the founder’s view – which is the American view of law and government.
There are many views of government, from equally numerous world views.  Americans are blessed that our Founders’ Biblical Worldview informed their political philosophy and the framing of our founding documents.  Our mission is to restore our American Founding Father’s Biblical, Constitutional, American View of law and government.
This American View can be summed up in these words:


 “There is a God, our rights come from Him and the purpose of civil government is to protect our God-given rights.”


IOTC currently conducts live courses in its headquarters in Maryland.  We currently conduct classes in Grass Valley,CA and the surrounding cities, in Orville, CA and Live Oak, CA .  These classes are facilitated by individuals who have completed the courses and volunteer to lead a class.Video presentations take the place of the live lecture and the facilitator leads the class through the same format as the live classes. 
Typically, a lecture is presented, followed by a review of the material with adequate time provided for student questions and interaction.  In most cases, some homework is suggested in order to broaden and deepen the students understanding of the subject matter covered.

The U. S. Constitution Course is twelve sessions approximately 2 hours  in length, while the Duty of the Jury Course is six sessions approximately 2 hours in length. Each course requires a student manual.

This program has gained very quick traction and acceptance in many communities. Over 3,000 people have taken and graduated from the U. S. Constitution Course in Ohio alone.  In Northern California over 400 people have graduated the Constitution course since September 2015.

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC)

Northern California Chapter

Attention:  J. R. Collins

P. O. Box 3454, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Email: iotcnorcal@gmail.com                 Phone: 530-802-0826

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