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> We have just been notified that we cannot offer things for sale in a public building which in and of itself is not a problem for the tea party, but it is a problem for Jeanette and Mark Herr.  We have therefore  - thanks to Don-secured the Footshills Event Center for the 14th.  So everything is the same except the location.

> If you have sent any of your friends emails about the event you might want to let them know about the change.  I have sent an email to all that signed up on line and Sue is sending an email to all her personal contacts that have signed up.

> I have made the adjustment to the website, the press release and the 3 on a page flyers I was going to have printed today and will have them printed tomorrow.  The flyers we had Grass Valley Printers print for us are now wrong so we won't be able to use them.  If we think we want some of the ones with the black background I will have him re-print.  We got 50 for $18.75.

> I have contacted our insurance agent with the new info and requested a cert. of ins.  Don will have the contract tomorrow, sign it and get it to the event center.

> I am attaching some corrected flyers with the new location on them and suggest you post them to your Facebook page.

> It might be a good idea, just in case, to print up a flyer or two to post on the doors at the Rood center re-directing people to the event center?


Sept 6, 2018 10:38 AM from Taylor Wolfe to Sue McGuire

Rood Center Venue Change

Hi Susan,  Steve Monaghan had given me your contact information to help work through the venue change for your film fundraiser coming up. 

Steve has given me some information such as you need the venue to hold as many people as the Board Chambers (130+) and have the same capabilities for audio/video.  I'm going to make a few calls and see if anthing is available.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if there is anything else I should know about. "

Sept 6 2018 5:43:33 PM, Susan McGuire to: Taylor Wolfe @co.nevada.ca.us

RE: Rood Center Venue Change

" .... /First, we did find another paid venue for the movie event."

" I was also advised by Carol Babson that it is her understanding that per Steve Monaghan the Constitution classes scheduled to commence next week (9/12/12 2018) and Feb-Apr 2019 as well, are also being cancelled by the County.  The classes have been scheduled for some time and were to be held in the Empire Room.  Is there a misunderstanding?"

"If it is the County's intent to cancel, I would like to understand the bases for those cancellations so I can explain it to the others involved and we can also assess future availability, if any.  I believe in my conversation with Steve he mentioned the Government Code as pertained to the movie.  Can you please refer me to the section or other source for these decisions?"


From: Steve Monaghan [mailto:Steve.Monaghan@co.nevada.ca.us
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2018 6:55 PM

To: Susan Kay McGuire <mcguirelaw@nccn.net>; Taylor Wolfe <Taylor.Wolfe@co.nevada.ca.us>
Subject: RE: Rood Center Venue Change


Hi Sue,


That’s good news that you found another venue where you can sale products and take donations.   We will be updating our policy on the Board Chambers usage so we don’t find ourselves in this situation again.   Very sorry for the inconvenience this had on you.   


On the Empire Room, it’s not that we are changing our policy here, your request should never have been approved in the first place as we don’t rent out our conference rooms after hours to nonprofits as we discussed on the phone. As this was the County’s mistake and not yours, you are welcome to use the Empire room until you can find an alternative location for your classes.  We have another group who we will be having the same conversation with this week.


A few reasons why we don’t rent the rooms include that there is no county staff in the building after hours.  We have one or two janitors in the building working only.  With a room in use, we have to leave the front doors open.  When we do that, we have had  problems with homeless people coming into the building and causing issues. We actually have to do a sweep at 5:00pm to be sure they are not hiding in spaces.   The hvac turns off afterhours and to leave it on we then heat/cool about 30,000 square feet of space for a 400 or 600 square foot meeting space.  To have a county staff person present for security and facility needs, and  then recover all the costs associated with renting the room, I am sure the rate would be well beyond affordability for non-profit usage. 


For these reasons, we try and restrict the rooms use to purposes where  the meetings are directly related to a county program/commission/initiative and County staff are involved and in attendance to address the participants facility and building security needs.


I apologize for the inconvenience our booking mistake has made for you and your organization.  Again, your welcome to start your classes in the Empire room until you can find an alternative location.  I am happy to send you an updated version of the Board Chambers usage agreement once County Counsel has made the updates.


Best regards,



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