Restoring America

​A lack of Constitutional knowledge has brought us to a government so large and bloated that our Founding Fathers would never recognize it as their creation.  Restoration begins with education.  The root meaning of the word “education” is to “pour in and draw out.”  We pour in information and knowledge, but unless we understand and know how to practically apply it (draw it out), true education has not occurred. 


Using primary sources such as Noah Webster's original 1828 Dictionary and other primary source materials that the founders wrote themselves (not what somebody else wrote about them) and the Principle Approach to teach our national heritage and the true meaning of American Exceptionalism makes our Constitution course both unique and enlightening, providing fascinating insight viewing events through the eyes of the Founders.

As we learn our heritage, it is then incumbent upon us to be “ambassadors of Providence” to reveal truth to (educate) others.  Take the IOTC U. S. Constitution Course.  Become an engaged, effective Constitutionally-literate citizen and effectively communicate this literacy to others, using historical facts and definitions and bypassing mere opinions. 

Don’t argue. Educate.

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